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Good good music, fine food, and drink, nourishes the soul.  This site is about good writing.  And making it even better. 

Welcome friends.  Gather round the fire and let the telling begin!  Have I got a story for you...!  Here you'll find teasers for all kinds of stories...from horror, to comedy, to YA, to supernatural Romance. 

Check out 'What Would Satan Do?', by Anthony Miller, for comedic writing at it's finest.  You'll laugh your ass off!  We also welcomed J.C. Mogensen this year.  Walking With a Goddess is not only great writing, it's very funny stuff.

Or...if you're in a dark, blood-sucking sort of a mood, check out 'Immortal Storm', by Heather Bserani.  Yikes!  Something's fishy in Denmark!

 For Horror, there's 'Tepes' and 'Asylum', by Kristen Smith Selleck, or 'Meany', by Peazy Monellon. Peazy has also posted two chapters of her WIP called, 'Baptism by Fire', another horrific piece, plus (unofficially titled) 'Elustriel's Story', which is pure fantasy. 

Another of our writers, Kirsten Mortensen has posted teasers to several awesome works that run the gamut from comedy to chick lit.  Definitely check out her page.

If you're into history, WWII to be specific, you'll want to read 'Stone Soup', an awesome novel written by Howard Bushart.  Howard has also posted several of his poems.  We give them a big thumbs up!

 Like YA?  Visit Madison Bolen's page and have a look at 'Road to Somewhere', for a glimpse of what happens when hippy parents and conservative, yuppy kids collide.

Our beloved Whitney?  She's into fantasy and fan-fic.  We hope to see a lot more by her in the future!

If you decide you want to read more, scrolling over a member's page will allow you to read sample chapters of that writer's work.  We encourage you to visit our comment page to let us know what you think of what you've read here.  BOLO for the next big thing!

No matter where you look in the site, I'm certain that you'll find something that you love!  And check back often as we add new writers and new works to our list.

Who are we?  Author's Ink is a small group of top-notch writers.  We gather here to post our work and review the work of other members.  Additionally, you'll find important links, tips and tricks, and lists of contests for writers.  One really cool page is the AI contest, which posts prompts and entries for our own in-house competition.  If you want a chuckle or just a glimpse of our writer's styles, go there.  Also check out our links page to visit each member's individual blog-site and our official AI blog, which contains interviews with some of our favorite writers, more tips and tricks, and we're even starting a novel writing course on the blog.

And if you're a writer and would like to enjoy the benefits of membership--free reviews and all the other bennies this site has to offer--feel free to contact us and request membership.  There's no cost and we'd love to have you!  Still a fledgling?  No worries.  At Author's Ink, we grow writers! Looking forward to getting to know you all... 


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