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I'm a father, husband, writer and nerd – not necessarily in that order. I've been writing since my teens, but only recently started making money at it. By making money I don't mean getting rich as a world famous author, I mean writing SEO content for websites. It's the kind of writing that "real" authors laugh at, but it pays the bills. I try to squeeze in time to work on my own projects, which may very well turn into historical fiction by the time they see the light of day.

I have two beautiful daughters, one is a genius and one is an evil genius, and they trade roles regularly. I've been married for 13 years to the same lady, mostly because we're both too stubborn to accept defeat. In between staring blankly into the computer screen and wildly hitting the Stumble button, I fixate on tech. Gadgets are a passion.

Central Minnesota has been home to me for abou
t seventeen years but, as a West Texas boy, I like to remind these Yankees that I'm not really one of them. I could go on but I think we've gotten to the point where I'm gonna have to start talking about my favorite colors.

Psst, I have a site too.