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Libby query/teaser


Libby Samson figures she’s got the perfect way to rebuild her life after her divorce: use her settlement to purchase a 10-acre piece of property and start an organic vegetable farm.

But then, as she’s walking across one of her fields one evening, a two-foot tall man stands up out of the shadows and greets her by name.

It’s hard enough for Libby to come to terms with the fact that “little folk” exist, that she’s able to communicate with them, and that they’re giving the advice she needs to make her farm a success. Then word of Libby’s fairy sightings leaks onto the Internet. Soon Libby’s property is swarming with would-be devotees who set up a tent village and shadow her as she tries to work. Her sister flies in from Hawaii with plans to turn the farm into a New Age retreat (“It’ll be bigger than Deepak!”) The media hound Libby for interviews. And hiding all this from her boyfriend backfires, as well—he never liked the farm idea anyway, and he’s under a lot of stress since the biomedical research firm where he works was acquired by Dormet Vous Luster, late night television’s purveyor of “Tight by Tomorrow” anti-aging cream.

Libby finds one person she can confide in: her next-door neighbor. Granted, Dean Milbrant’s a bit odd: withdrawn and taciturn. And the stories that his heart was broken by an Iranian princess turn out to be false, just as Libby suspected. But her attraction to him is powerful—and he seems to feel it too.

Then Dean fakes some photos of Libby talking to fairies—photos Libby learns of seconds before she’s interviewed live on a national morning talk show. It’s little wonder that Libby doesn’t recognize, at first, that Dean’s act is the one thing that can save her farm and her dreams of a new beginning.