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I'm going to be listing competitions AI members have entered on this page.  I'd like to encourage all members to join and compete against ourselves and the greater world alike.  We'll track who's entered what, deadlines, etc...Check back to see how this page develops.

Kris Selleck:

Kris has entered the Shya Scanlon 7-line contest.  Her story?  Speed Dating and Pastor Bob!  Very, very funny....

She is also working on a short story for the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans fiction contest.

Peazy Monellon:

Peazy has also entered the Shya Scanlon 7-line contest with her story, The Lady and the Dragon.  My 7-lines (or less) go as follows:


The lady Elanor kisses the dragon full on the lips and lays down with him in his smelly, dragon’s nest.  The dragon, fully satisfied in that, Elanor complies at last, (Complies?  Isn’t that an understatement?) lies down beside her and strokes her dark hair.  He no longer thinks to burn her with his killing fire.  There’s no need.  Besides, he has just eaten her mother.  And Elanor mistakenly believes he is no longer a dragon.  In fact, she almost finds him pretty to look at these days.  And the dragon smiles, for Elanor thinks that because she has shed her skin, so must he have shed his.


Peazy's novel Meany has been entered in the Juniper Prize for Fiction contest and the Hackney Literary Awards novel writing contest.

Heather Bserani:

In 2010:

Heather entered the Shya Scanlon 7-line contest.  Her entry, entitled Destiny's Steed, depicts the bond between a warrior and his horse as fate leads them toward battle.

In 2011:

I plan to enter the following contests (please refer to the "Need a Challenge?" link to the left)

     1..  Boulevard

     2. Writer's Village

     3. Literal Latte

     4. Flash Fish

 Update:  As of 12/2/11 I entered my short story "Melody's Journey" in three seperate contests (please refer to the "Need a Challenge? Link on the left).  I will update with any news as it becomes available to me.

     1. Glimmer Train

     2. Pixelhose

     3. Narrative Magazine

A.P. Miller:

Anthony has entered the 2011 Amazon's Breakthrough novel-writing contest and has made it through to the next round!  Wishing him all the luck in the world, and we'll be watching!